“Children of Methuselah”: THE STARLOST Ep. 5 – UFTA 006

On October 12, 1973, THE STARLOST’s 5th episode hit the airwaves. In it, our intripid heroes come across a group of centuries-old children who seem to be piloting the ark? Can they pilot he ark to safety? It’s only the 5th episode, so probably not. But can they learn about life from Devon, Garth, and Rachel? Of course they can.

This week, Ben is joined by fellow writer Mike Poteet to talk about:
* Sci-fi trials
* Pantomime jail cell doors
* Stanley Kubrick
* Creepy and powerful children
* The Littlest Hobo

Just to keep things going . . . (the counter is not how many times we mention them, just if they get mentioned in an episode…)
* Star Trek counter – IIII
* Red Dwarf counter – IIII
* Doctor Who counter – IIII
* The Littlest Hobo – III

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