Up From the Ashes Promo

What is Up from the Ashes?

It’s a new podcast from Ben Avery and Onward and Upward Media!

It’s a podcast that’s a TV after show . . . FIFTY YEARS after!

It’s a podcast about THE STARLOST, a show some call the worst sci-fi show of all time!

It’s a podcast about a BAD sci-fi TV show that tackled BIG sci-fi ideas with plucky enthusiasm . . . and very little budget.

It’s a podcast exploring sci-fi tropes and concepts and ideas, along with talking about OTHER sci-fi books and movies and TV shows that The Starlost caused us to think about!

The Starlost may not have lived up to its creator’s dreams, but it has inspired me and my guest hosts. Every week, I’ll be joined by a sci-fi/fantasy writer/content creator to celebrate achievements of the imagination! Join us wherever you find podcasts!



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