“The Alien Oro”: THE STARLOST Ep. 7 – UFTA 008

Join Ben Avery and returning guest host Nathan Marchand for a conversation about the seventh episode of THE STARLOST, in which our heroes meet Checkov! Or is it Spock? It’s Walter Koenig, anyway, Harlan Ellison’s first choice to play Devon! He’s the alien. The alien Oro.

In this episode we talk about:
* Casablanca
* The only The Starlost cast member Ben and Nathan have both met!
* Walter Koenig . . . it’s Walter Koenig . . .
* How bad this episode was for Ben
* Aliens that look like humans
* Flying saucers
* Padding episodes
* How bored Ben was

Just to keep things going . . . (the counter is not how many times we mention them, just if they get mentioned in an episode…)
* Star Trek counter – IIII II
* Red Dwarf counter – IIII (none this week!)
* Doctor Who counter – IIII I
* The Littlest Hobo – IIII

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