“The Goddess Calabra”: THE STARLOST Ep. 3 – UFTA 004

This week, Ben is joined by Parker J. Cole ( http://parkerjcole.com ), a prolific historical romance fiction writer who has also dabbled in science fiction on occasion, to talk about “The Goddess Calabra”. As our trio of heroes continue their exploration of the Earthship Ark, they come across a dome of people who have experienced a disastor that destroyed all the women and the genetic ability to produce female children. They see Rachel and decide she is the goddess they worship, in the flesh.

For this episode we talked about:
* Sacred Texts
* Main characters being considered gods
* The eradication of entire genders
* Wooden acting
* AMAZING acting (from Barry Morse and John Colicos, the guest stars)
* Weird fight scenes
* Towels

Just to keep things going . . . (the counter is not how many times we mention them, just if they get mentioned in an episode…)
* Star Trek counter – III
* Red Dwarf counter – III
* Doctor Who counter – II

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2 responses to ““The Goddess Calabra”: THE STARLOST Ep. 3 – UFTA 004”

  1. Parker J. Cole Avatar

    Thank you so much for having me on your show. I had a great time!

  2. Jessica Joiner(Alexandra Gilchrist) Avatar

    I actually really enjoyed this episode! Morse and Colicos really showed what this show could have been. My biggest complaint was the soundtrack, which freaked my kids out when I tried to watch it after they went to bed XD

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