“The Implant People”: The Starlost Ep. 12 – UFTA 013

Join Ben Avery and guest host Rob Southgate as they explore an episode of The Starlost that starts out feeling par for The Starlost, takes a turn toward interesting, and then fumbles the ending in spectacular fashion!

In this episode we talk about:
* Lord of the Rings
* Metropolis
* Babylon 5
* J. Michael Straczynski
* Harlon Ellison’s connection to JMS . . . and JMS’s connection to The Starlost?
* The fascinating ending . . .

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Continuing our counters . . . (not how many times we mention them, just if they get mentioned in an episode…)
* Star Trek counter – IIII IIII II
* Red Dwarf counter – IIII IIII
* Doctor Who counter – IIII IIIII
* The Littlest Hobo counter – IIII IIII

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2 responses to ““The Implant People”: The Starlost Ep. 12 – UFTA 013”

  1. sean mccoye Avatar
    sean mccoye

    My six year old self was so happy to hear the shout out to Bob Denver in Far Out Space Nuts.

    Another sci fi show for kids of the 70’s “Ark II”.

    1. admin Avatar

      I feel like maybe I need to seek that show out . . .

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