What Is THE STARLOST? (An Introduction) – UFTA 001

UP FROM THE ASHES is a podcast about . . .

* THE STARLOST, a TV show from fifty years ago, and we’re talking about it exactly fifty years after its episodes aired…
* SCI-FI IDEAS from THE STARLOST that engage the imagination, even if the budget and the abilities of the people behind the show couldn’t quite produce what they were imagining…

This episode explains and explores what THE STARLOST was, what it was meant to be, and how we’re going to have some fun talking about it!

It features readings from interviews with:

  • Harlan Ellison, aka Cordwainer Bird, creator of the show and writer of the pilot episode
  • Ben Bova, science fiction writer and editor, and the science consultant Ellison recruited to work on the show
  • William Davidson, producer
  • Ed Richardson, producer
  • Norman Klenman, writer and showrunner

These interviews come from the following books (Amazon links are affiliate links – if you order from these links it will not affect the price, but it will give the podcast a small percentage):
PHEONIX WITHOUT ASHES by Edward Bryant & Harlan Ellison – https://amzn.to/3rc5qP2
SCIENCE FICTION TELEVISION SERIES 1959-1989 – https://amzn.to/3sWE93J

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